Ear Care Essentials: Loving Your Stretched Lobes

Apr 15, 2024 AKAK Jewelry

The importance of proper care for stretched ears cannot be overstated. From nurturing massages to diligent cleansing, each step contributes to the health and longevity of your stretched lobes.

Devotion to Aftercare

After each stretch, indulge your earlobes with a tender oil massage, ideally following a soothing shower. Let the oil seep in for a luxurious 5 minutes per earlobe, erasing any traces of scar tissue, sebum, or dead skin cells for a rejuvenated feel.

Luxurious Oil Selection

Pamper your stretched ears with the finest oils nature has to offer. Jojoba oil reigns supreme for its unparalleled moisturizing prowess, while vitamin E, coconut, olive, emu, and bio oils provide a symphony of nourishment. Regular application ensures your earlobes stay supple and resilient, guarding against tears and discomfort during stretching.

Elevating Cleanliness

Elevate your hygiene ritual with pristine plugs that gleam with freshness. Treat your jewelry to a spa day with a gentle saline wash, steering clear of harsh chemicals like alcohol or peroxide. Embrace the soothing sensation of a clean canvas, knowing your earlobes are cocooned in care and attention.

Guarding Against Mishaps

Shield your stretched ears from harm by avoiding unnecessary movement of your plugs. Each delicate spin risks introducing unwelcome guests like bacteria, leading to irritation and infection. Treat any injuries promptly, reverting to a smaller gauge size if needed, and soothe your lobes with the healing touch of regular oil massages.

Journeying Back to Original Size

Embark on the journey of reverting stretched ears with tender patience and unwavering dedication. Massage your lobes with love, coaxing them back to their original size with gradual gauge reduction. Remember, the road may be long, but each gentle touch brings you closer to the cherished goal of restored ear piercings.

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