I swear by these. The design is my favorite part. My wardrobe ranges from alt to academia, and these pair well with any outfit. The product is true to size, and the metal is heavy-duty yet comfortable. I haven't had any issues with discoloration or odors. I haven't experienced any slippage, and I was surprised at how secure these are.

It is now a staple to my collection, and I wear them as often as possible.
Latosha T.
I love the design of these. I own the black and silver pair and I get compliments all the time on them. There’s only one downside but it’s really more something to note than a downside. After a long day they can start to ache a little. Everybody has different reactions though so it shouldn’t be a deterrent to buy them. They feel great, look great and seem like they will last. Also, they aren’t heavy at all. Get ‘em!
Jordan Jones
These plugs are beautiful, like snowflakes. They fit well. I am always wearing 12mm but got these in 14mm because I read what they wrote about he sizing and the photos don't do the earrings justice but I would prefer an honest outlook on what you will receive than just a cool looking earring way too small
The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is only because they are a slight pain to screw the backs on other than that love the way the color shifts when the light hits them and they're comfy to where I can sleep in them even with it being steel
Deanna Tilley
These are really cute but I have had them in for less than a month and the stones fell out of one.

Edit: After writing this review the seller reached out and sent me a new pair.
I think these are my favorite set of dangle guages I have bought to date! I bought the size 2g and it fit true, was not too heavy, and dangled perfectly. I received so many compliments on them and have wanted to wear them every day; but, I don't want to wear them out. If you're looking for something simple, fashionable, and not too heavy; this is the best choice. I would definitely recommend these earrings.